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Rhinoplasty – What You Must Know About This Cosmetic Nose Procedure

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Rhinoplasty happens to be a medical procedure for the treatment of nose and is generally referred to as ‘Nose Job’. The procedure of Rhinoplasty can be easily performed if you have any issues with the structure of your nose, it could be since birth or you may be suffering from breathing issues. By performing this cosmetic nose procedure, you can easily change the position, size, and even the width of your nose.


A nose job procedure can also be performed if you have a bump on your nose or could even adjust your enlarged tip. Usually, this cosmetic nose procedure is performed either using an open or closed procedure.

  • Open Rhinoplasty

While open rhinoplasty is performed, the incisions are made from the outside of the nose. The open rhinoplasty procedure basically opens the entire nose, which gives a better visual of the entire nasal structure. There may be a small scar at the base of the nose which may not be visible after the procedure is done.

  • Endonasal Nose Job

While performing a closed rhinoplasty procedure, the incisions are made within the nasal structure. Surgeons believe that closed nose job gives them a much better view of the entire nasal structure. Unlike the open rhinoplasty, this procedure completely eliminates the scars that are at the base of the nose.


As the procedure is done, the results of this cosmetic nose procedure last a lifetime. So, it is better that you plan your surgery once the nose is completely developed so that the later growth will not disturb the procedure.

Now, the most crucial aspect of this nose job would be how you pick a surgeon. Deciding on which plastic surgeon is going to perform the cosmetic nose procedure will have either lasting positive or negative effects. There are numerous plastic/cosmetic surgeons out there today, but picking the best of the best only will provide you with incredible results.


Last but not least, choose a surgeon that makes you feel comfortable and should exhibit incredible manners and skills when it comes to handling patients. Not only the doctor, but the entire staff should be able to make you feel at ease which is certainly going to get you incredible results for the cosmetic nose procedure.

While you are considering getting a nose job done, the aforementioned information will certainly help you make a better decision on whether you really need it and who you should be opting for to getting the procedure done. The right nose job not only can have amazing health benefits but can also help you make your appearance a lot more confident.

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